Why I run. (A post about anxiety)

2017-07-06 21.43.36

My friend asked me how to overcome being afraid of fear.

My answer is pictured above, and it was one I had to think about.

I assume he asked me specifically because he knows about my anxiety and how it affects me, which is more often than I like, but really not that often.

Still, it is something I struggle with.

It’s a weakness I wish I could eliminate more easily.

I’ve learned not to ignore it, hoping it’ll go away. That never works.

What works for me is confronting it. Talking myself down from the ledge or baking cookies or cupcakes, which I then deliver to friends, or putting on my exercise clothes and getting my body to expend energy.

I have enough Instagram posts about running that people think it is something I actually enjoy.

To be fair, there are some days when running, jogging or walking feels empowering and wonderful. But for every one of those days there are 100 others where I actually hate it.

I don’t usually hate physical activity. I love working out at the gym. But the running is so much more taxing on my body, for a lot of reasons, one of which is that I often forget to breathe and things go downhill from there.

Still, I do it anyway. I put one sneakered foot in front of the other, up-hill, down-hill, around corners, breathing hard and sweating, simply because I have no other choice.

Running helps calm my anxiety. I know there is a scientific reason why and I could explain it here but, you have Google and it would be much more helpful if you do it yourself. I will say however, that for me, running and walking and jogging has proven to be a great help.

My brain appreciates it as much as my body and when you work in an environment that can trigger your anxiety, you have no options but to find ways to deal with it.


Thanks for reading.

K.S Clyne